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Energy AllianceSM Testimonials

"Chamber members are offered excellent access to a great energy program. By joining the Energy AllianceSM, we are able to save on our utility bill and use those savings in other areas."
Convenience store owner Troy, New York

"By joining the Energy AllianceSM, we saved hundreds of dollars annually on our electricity. For a small business, that's a huge sum."
Restaurant owner Central New York

"Every business watches its expenses closely. Through the Energy AllianceSM, we were able to save significantly on our utility bills. And, we now have a relationship with the Association's energy experts, in case we have a question about our bills."
Motel manager Saratoga County, New York

"It's a no-brainer to join the Energy AllianceSM. Spend five minutes filling out the form, see what type of offer comes back, and sign up if it is to your benefit. It's a simple way to save significant amounts."
Commercial building manager Upstate New York

"When a restaurant owner asked me why he should participate, I asked him, 'How many meals do you have to serve to put $1,800 on your bottom line?' He signed."
Chamber of Commerce president Eastern New York

"The savings are pure bottom line money. What business doesn't want to put money on its bottom line?"
Professional office manager Upper Hudson Valley, New York